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Um Quadro

"Um Quadro" is a show that gives a new relief and vision to the slate with unusual sound explorations, with new applications and new techniques. The artistic dimension of the slate is presented here as a new material and has an instrument created exclusively of slate. This show is the other side of the picture.



Light is so indispensable to humanity that we only realize in its absence, not only ends the darkness but lulls, calms and snuggles. The discovery of fire, a way of producing light, is considered one of the most important discoveries for man's survival. Intermittent (Intermitências) qualifies everything that interrupts, ceases and repeats. In a continuous intermittent we create different visual and auditory patterns that cease, however, never end, that are repeated, but are never the same.

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Um retrato

"Um Retrato" is a map of the trip made in August 2021 that illustrates the sound recording of various locations in Sintra. These sounds represented in electronics and percussion are manipulated and rearranged so that the listener feels on a journey through this region. This map is organized as follows: Sintra Train Station; Historic Center with Vila Velha, Liberdade Park and Casa Piriquita; Mt. Santa Eufémia; Maçãs Beach and  Ursa Beach; Sintra's Mountain; Marble and Granite Industry; Electric.

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